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MUSH Reference


This is intended as a reference manual to playing a MUSH. It is specifically written for PennMUSH 1.50, however many of the commands and concepts would apply to other MUSHes or MUDs.

The material is presented in "most-useful first" order. In other words, it starts off describing commands needed to "get started" and eventually covers "Wizard" commands and other commands needed by experienced players.

Note that some MUSHes may not have all options enabled. If a particular option described here does not work on a particular MUSH then the God of the MUSH may have disabled it. You could contact the Wizards on that MUSH for more information.

Under development

These pages are under development, and thus may not be complete. In particular, the sections on creating "things" (as opposed to rooms) are not written yet.

Other links

Another well-written beginner's guide to MUSH is at: http://www.ta-veren.org/mush/basics.html - this covers some things not mentioned below, such as using the help system, and MUSH jargon.

A lot of interesting MUSH instruction is also at: The 101 Schoolhouse at M*U*S*H





This section describes reference material (eg. all the flags, powers etc) without putting them in any particular context.

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