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Being idle, away and on vacation

Being idle

If you are going to be away from your terminal for a while, but don't want to disconnect, you can set an "idle" message which will be shown to people who try to page you:

@idle me = Away for a while.

A more complex method is to set up an automatic "idle" message which is automatically sent if you are idle for more than a preset period of time, like this:

@idle me =[switch(gt(idlesecs(%#),120),1,I'm idle. Use @mail,)]

In this case, the message "I'm idle. Use @mail" is sent if you are idle for more than 120 seconds (two minutes).

Being away

You can also set a message to be sent to people if they page you when you are disconnected, like this:

@away me = I'm not connected. I usually connect between 8 pm and 10 pm daily.

You can use this message to tell people when best to catch you.

Saying what you are doing

You can tell people what you are currently doing, like this:

@doing Exploring the eastern caves

Then, if someone does a WHO, they can see what you are doing:

Player Name          On For   Idle  Doing
Gandalf               00:17     0s  Exploring the eastern caves
Strider               00:30     3s  Available to help newbies
Freddie               02:27     5m  Exploring the larger cave
There are 3 players connected.

On vacation

If you are going away for a while, you can set yourself as "on-vacation", like this:

@set me = on-vacation

This may help prevent you from being purged from the MUSH for inactivity.

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