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Lock types

A @lock without a "switch" is a "basic lock". Other types of locks are described below. For example, to set an "enter lock" you would use:

@lock/enter foo=bar
Lock type Meaning
/enter Who can enter the player/object

Enter-locks an object, restricting who is allowed to enter it. Only objects which are ENTER_OK may be entered, regardless of the key.

The enter lock of a room is its Teleport Lock (see below).

Note that the enter lock of an object or room being used as a Zone Master Object determines control of that zone. Please note that if you're using a room as a ZMO (i.e. as a zone master room), only the controllers of that zone will be able to teleport into that room (which is a good thing for security).

/teleport Who can teleport to the room

Only people who pass the room's teleport lock, are wizards or royalty, or control the room, will be allowed to @teleport into the room. (Note that this is different from NO_TEL, which prevents people from teleporting out of a room). The teleport lock is evaluated even if the room is JUMP_OK - in other words, if you are trying to teleport into a room you don't control, the room must be JUMP_OK, and you must pass the teleport lock.

/use Who can use the object

Sets the use-lock on an object, which restricts who may trigger the "@use" set of registers, and who may use the $commands on the objects. If the person who is trying to use the object or its special commands, cannot pass the lock, he is told, "Permission denied."

/page Who can page the player
/zone Who can control objects on this zone
/parent Who can @parent something to this object/room
/link Who can @link something to this object/room
/mail Who can @mail the player
/user:<name> User-defined. No built-in function of this lock,
/speech Who can speak/pose/emit in this room
/listen Who can trigger my @listen/^-patterns
/leave Who can leave this object
/drop Who can drop this object
/give Who can give this object

@lock/use is equivalent to @ulock, and @lock/enter to @elock.

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