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Interacting with things

Look at a thing

If you see an object in the room with you that does not seem to be a player, try looking at it for more information:

look fig
A fig tree
A medium size fig tree bearing many figs.

Taking things

You can try to "take" the object:

take fig
The tree is firmly rooted to the ground!

In this case, the "take" has failed (because you didn't pass its "lock", explained later), so you haven't taken it.

However, taking something that doesn't fail looks like this:

take key ring

Taking inventory

You can now do an inventory to see that you have them:

You are carrying:
Key ring
You have 130 Pennies.

Dropping things

You can drop the object if you wish:

drop key ring

Using things

You can try to "use" objects:

use wand
There is a flash of lightning!

Giving things or players money

You can give things or other players your money:

give machine = 10
You paid 10 Pennies.

If the thing does not require money, or requires less than you give it, you will get the excess back in "change".

Giving things to other players

You can give other players things you are carrying:

give nick = key ring

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