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The MUSH has a built-in "chat" system. This lets you talk with other players who are not necessarily in the same room. This is useful if you are moving around and exploring, and more versatile than using "page" as everyone on that "chat channel" can hear what is being said.

Listing chat channels

To start, see what channels are available:

Name              Privs        Quiet
Newbie            Public       No
Theme             Public       No
OOC               Public       No

Joining a chat channel

Choose an appropriate channel (Newbie for new players, Theme for messages "in theme", OOC for Out Of Character messages), and then join the channel, like this:

@channel/on newbie
Channel added.
<Newbie> Freddie has joined this channel.

Talking on a chat channel

To talk on the chat channel, type a "+" followed by the channel name, like this:

+newbie Hi all you newbies!
<Newbie> Freddie says, "Hi all you newbies!"

Anything that identifies the channel uniquely will do, so you could say:

+n meet you at the pub
<Newbie> Freddie says, "meet you at the pub"

Posing on a chat channel

You can also "pose" using a colon, like this:

+n :winks
<Newbie> Freddie winks

Leaving a chat channel

To remove yourself from a chat channel:

@channel/off newbie
Channel deleted.

You can join more than one channel.

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