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Whispering and paging

Whispering to another player

You may wish to have a private conversation with another player, and not be heard by others in the room. To do this, use "whisper" (or "wh"), for example:

wh nick = Good to see you again.
You whisper, "Good to see you again." to Nick.

You can also whisper a "pose", by adding a colon, like this:

wh nick = :winks and smiles.
Nick senses, "Freddie winks and smiles."

Paging another player

If there is someone you want to talk to, but who isn't in the same room as you, you can "page" them, like this:

page nick = Where are you?
You paged Nick with 'Where are you?'.

Once you have paged someone, you can leave their name out in subsequent messages, like this:

page = May I join you?
You paged Nick with 'May I join you?'.

To check who you last paged, just type:

You last paged Nick.

"Page" may be abbreviated to "p".

You can also "pose" through a page, like this:

p nick = :laughs!
Long distance to Nick: Freddie laughs!

Nick will see:

From afar, Freddie laughs!

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