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MUD FAQ - frequently asked questions about playing MUDs

Playing MUSHes

What are MUDs?

MUD games are Multi User Dungeon games - these are (usually text-based) games that are played over the Internet by multiple people connected simultaneously.

There are various "flavours" of MUD game (eg. MUD, MUCK, MOO, MUSH). Each type of game has its own type of "server" (the program that mediates game play).

For each type of server there are usually dozens of instances of that server to be found on the Internet - each implementing a different sort of virtual world. For instance, some are based in the past (eg. medieval), some are based in the future (eg. Star Trek), and some are just based on fantasy worlds set in no particular time.

MUD server and client programs are generally based on the Unix platform, however above are some links to Windows-based clients and servers developed (or ported to Windows) by Nick Gammon.

For more information about MUDs and other similar games, look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:MUD_servers

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