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Looking and moving around

Looking around

Type "look" (or just "L") on its own to see a description of the current location. For example:


The Town Square
You are in the town square. All around you, peasants haggle over their wares as unwashed urchins scramble through the legs of tables topped with smelly produce.
A fig tree
Obvious exits:
north, south, pub, Travel Centre (TC) and caravan

The first line shows the "name" of the place (The Town Square). The next few lines are its description. Then follows a list of contents (if any) and obvious exits (if any). The contents can be people (other players) or things.

Looking at people and things

You can also look at people, things and exits by typing "look <thing>", for example:

look me
look Gandalf
look Travel Centre
look Gold Watch

It is worth being aware that other players may notice you looking at them (as in real life), so you should probably not look at them repeatedly. The method for doing this (in case you want to know if someone looks at you) is described under describing yourself.


To move around, you can normally type the name of an "obvious exit", like this:


The designer of a room may place an abbreviation for an exit (like TC for Travel Centre) as part of the exit description. In that case, you just have to type TC to go in that direction.

In many cases you can try using the directions of the compass (north, south, east, west) as well as up and down.

Seeing what you are carrying

To see what you are carrying, type "inventory". For example:

You aren't carrying anything.
You have 140 Pennies.

(You can abbreviate "inventory" to "invent" or just "i").

The currency, which can be Pennies, Dollars, Pounds, Yen, Bucks, or whatever the God of the MUSH has set up, is needed to build and to do certain other actions. You normally get an allowance of currency each (real) day that you connect.

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