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MUSHclient scripting functions

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Enter a word (eg. "trigger") or phrase in the box below to narrow the list down to those that match.

The function name, prototype, summary, and description are searched.

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Leave blank to show all functions.

Many functions have examples given that can be typed directly into the "command" window. To do this, precede the example with the "script prefix" character, which defaults to "/".

Lengthier examples are supplied in the files exampscript.vbs (VBscript), exampscript.jvs (JScript), exampscript.pl (PerlScript) and exampscript.pys (Python), which are part of the MUSHclient install.


Return codes

Many functions return a "code" which indicates the success or otherwise of the function.

You can view a list of the return codes

Function prototypes

The "prototype" part of each function description lists exactly how the function is called (what arguments, if any, to pass to it).

You can view a list of the data types used in function prototypes

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