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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.07

Version 5.07

1. Fixed bug in the regular expression evaluator (used by triggers and aliases) that the error message, shown on a runtime failure, might be garbage.

[master 4fd7953]

2. If a trigger script has a runtime error, the internal name is now shown if it is unlabelled, to help find which trigger has the error. The internal label will look something like: *trigger589

[master 054190d]

3. Fixed bug where if you had a line from the MUD, not terminated by a newline (such as a prompt), and that line called a trigger, and while waiting for that line to be terminated you used an alias, and the alias called ColourNote with more than 3 arguments, you would get a Lua error: "bad argument #6 to 'ColourNote' (string expected, got no value)"

[master 4d5115b]

4. Added the delta scroll amount as the high-order 16 bits of the flags argument for the callback for WindowScrollwheelHandler function.

Example code:

function mousewheelhandler (flags, hotspotid)
local delta = bit.shr (flags, 16)
if bit.band (flags, miniwin.wheel_scroll_back) ~= 0 then
print (delta, "backwards")
print (delta, "forwards")
end -- if
end -- mousewheelhandler

Existing code which just tests the flag should still work unchanged.

[master d2f7129]

5. The client now supports IAC WILL CHARSET telnet negotiation, in addition to IAC DO CHARSET (for legacy reasons).

[master 662585f]

6. Possibly fixed bug in using LuaCOM which might cause a crash.

[master a67d203]

7. Fixed bug where an alias, called during plugin loading at world startup, did a Note or similar, the client would crash.

[master cc55da4]

8. Added new Lua script function utils.setbackgroundcolour ().

This lets you change the "main frame" background colour. This is, the colour of the area outside all windows. For example:

utils.setbackgroundcolour (ColourNameToRGB ("powderblue"))

The default is the default Windows background window colour, whatever that is (grey for me). You can go back to the default by setting the colour to 0xFFFFFFFF.

[master 585d9ba, 127d87d]

9. Added new script function SetFrameBackgroundColour. This has the same behaviour as utils.setbackgroundcolour described above. Also added new script function SetSelection. This lets you select text in the output window. Suggested by Fiendish.

[master 0d02b24]

10. Added new plugin callback OnPluginSelectionChanged. This notifies a plugin that the selection (in the output window) has changed. Suggested and largely coded by Fiendish.

[master f5b1c965, d038676]

11. Added colour name "rebeccapurple" as a name you can use in ColourNameToRGB.

See: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-style/2014Jun/0312.html

[master 4ac65e7, fc3b7af]

12. Corrected the internal colour names used by MUSHclient to be consistent with CSS Color Module Level 4. See:


In particular, added the following 6 colours which are the same as the original ones with "gray" in the name, but spelt "grey":

* grey - #808080
* lightslategrey - #778899
* darkslategrey - #2f4f4f
* darkgrey - #a9a9a9
* dimgrey - #696969
* slategrey - #708090

Also changed the RGB codes for the following three colours

* darkseagreen from #8dbc8f to #8fbc8f
* darkturquoise from #00ded1 to #00ced1
* pink from #ffc8cb to #ffc0cb

[master 90eb7fe]

13. Added various licence documentation to the distribution, in the "licences" folder. This is intended to clarify the licence terms for libraries used by MUSHclient (eg. PNG, zLib, SQLite, PCRE, etc.).

[master 3cbc24e]

14. Added selector 125 to GetInfo. This lets you detect if the client is in full-screen mode or not.

[master 813c367]

15. Fixed bug in way that Ctrl+Backspace deletes words (if the option is active). Previously, after deleting one word the cursor would be put at the end of the input line, so deleting multiple words in a row would be difficult. Now, the cursor is left at the end of the word prior to the deleted one.

[master 15926e6]

16. Fixed bug in OnPluginPacketReceived plugin callback processing, and MXP/Pueblo processing. Previously with MXP/Pueblo active if an "entity" such as &lt;, &gt;, &quot; etc. were received the client would dummy up a "fake" packet to force the corresponding characters (< > &) into the input buffer.

This caused the OnPluginPacketReceived plugin callback to be called making the plugin think that these characters had actually arrived from the MUD, confusing any input processing being done by OnPluginPacketReceived.

This call is now suppressed for these MXP entities.

[master 6fd17d9]

17. Do not trace functions OnPluginDrawOutputWindow or OnPluginTick.

This is because a trace message sent to the output window which then calls OnPluginDrawOutputWindow will (would have) generate a trace message, which sends the program into an infinite loop.

As for OnPluginTick, the output window would fill up with 25 messages a second which is pretty useless.

Suggested by Fiendish.

[master efa4af2, a9f2178]

18. Don't invalidate the view if scroll doesn't change;

Written by Fiendish.

[master e0df4d4]

19. Use SetScrollPos not SetScrollInfo to prevent flickering during scroll.

Written by Fiendish.

[master e3ac1798]

20. Improved handling of mouse-wheel scrolling, to allow for fractional scrolling if you scroll slowly.

[master 5c40012]

21. Fixed bug in Serialize module where it would incorrectly serialize variables named 'true' or 'false'.

[master c639c7d]

22. Fixed bug where calling GetSelectionStartLine, GetSelectionEndLine, GetSelectionStartColumn or GetSelectionEndColumn with no lines in the output buffer (eg. during a plugin initializing) would cause a crash.

[master b5fdc19]

23. Added a warning dialog box if you attempt to use the inbuilt help in Windows 10 or above. This dialog box suggests you use the MUSHclient_Help plugin or the online documentation. Also, it does not attempt to launch Winhelp, and thus avoids a message about how that won't work.

[master cdfc1a3]

24. Changed the I-beam cursor (used when the mouse is over text) to be the default Windows one and not a special in-app one. This is to address issues that people have had when they change pointer sizes.

[master dc4e8d9]

25. Fixed bug where it was sometimes impossible to select the last character on a line in the output window, when UTF-8 was active.

[master f8bd9ae 0458c35]

26. Do not call SelectionChanged if the selection has not changed.

[master 4fb1b68]

27. Added OnPluginPacketDebug callback so that you can process packet debugging in a custom way (eg. write debug messages to a file).

[master 1fbf757]

28. When using the plugin wizard, triggers, aliases, timers are variables are now deselected by default. This reverses the previous behaviour of selecting them all. This makes it harder to inadvertently move such items to a plugin if you don't visit each wizard page.

Also, it now defaults to not including the standard constant files.

[master 259228e]

29. Don't reposition a miniwindow during check unless out of bounds. Always doing the reposition leads to unfriendly jumps away from the new desired location if WindowPosition is called shortly after creating the window. Suggested by Fiendish.

[master 6b79a6d]

30. Upgraded SQLite3 from version 3.16.2 to 3.35.3

* Improved performance
* Various optimizations
* Added "generated columns"
* Various bug fixes
* Other features, see: https://www.sqlite.org/chronology.html

[master b3f441c, 8b6f8dd]

31. Changed the SQLite3 source slightly to compile on Visual Studio 6.0 (which should also work on later compilers).

(Removed LL suffix on large constants).

[master 8b6f8dd, 6541dc51]

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