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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.06

Version 5.06

Released on 29 Mar 2019

1. Added script function SetUnseenLines which allows you to control the number of unseen lines from the MUD (a counter). This can be used to "ignore" uninteresting lines.

[master 6c977de]

2. If a trigger omits from output, and trigger evaluation in all plugins has been cancelled, then the lines omitted are also omitted from the "recent lines" list. This may change how multi-line triggers are evaluated. Suggested by Fiendish.

[master d9706ab]

3. Modified the way fixed fonts are handled in some dialogs to that the FixFont function is only called if fixed-width fonts are wanted.

[master 2d7a2bb]

4. Modified the way WindowCreate works in an attempt to fix a problem with the contents of miniwindows not always redrawing correctly.

[master 1f98833]

5. Modified miniwindows blending functions to round rather than truncate in order to avoid some obscure problems with blending at less than 100% opacity.

[master 5411e489]

6. Modified the way internal notepad windows are created, and also changed the way text is translated. This is designed to work around an issue where incorrect text was shown in notepad titles.

[master 86586c87, ed1aa5d]

7. Modified the way that plugin path names are saved when saving the world file. There is now a case-insensitive compare of the default plugins directory to the full pathname of the current plugin. This means that plugins which are in the default plugins directory should be saved with a relative path.

[master 95d4dcb]

8. Added some extra options for fading "old" lines from the output window. When activated (the default is to be not activated) then after a specified number of seconds the lines in the output buffer which are older than that will dim to a specified opacity. Effectively, this means older lines will go dim, indicating that they are not recent.

You can activate this by using the Immediate scripting window (Ctrl+I) and entering, at least, the first SetOption below, to make "fade_output_buffer_after_seconds" be some number greater than zero (30 to 60 might be reasonable choices).


SetOption ("fade_output_buffer_after_seconds", 30) -- some figure in the range 0 to 3600
SetOption ("fade_output_opacity_percent", 50) -- fade to 50% (range 0 to 100)
SetOption ("fade_output_seconds", 12) -- fade over 12 seconds (range 1 to 60)

This has also been added to the Config_Option_Changer plugin.

[master 9d4f265, ff222af]

9. Added an option to have Ctrl+Backspace behave differently. With this option unset, Ctrl+Backspace recalls the last word from the last entered command (a bit like Esc / Period does in the Linux "bash" shell).

When activated, Ctrl+Backspace deletes the word to the left of the cursor (if any). If there is text selected then only that text is deleted.

To activate use the Immediate scripting window (Ctrl+I) and enter:

SetOption ("ctrl_backspace_deletes_last_word", 1) -- activate it

This has also been added to the Config_Option_Changer plugin.

[master a451ad8]

10. Modified the way the SetClipboard function works, to respect the "UTF-8" flag for the output buffer, when sending text to the clipboard.

This is intended for you to be able to put Unicode text onto the clipboard. Thanks to Fiendish for this code.

[master ef86b8c]

11. Made an option for the tab character to insert a tab rather than moving to the next button, in a multi-line edit window.

You will need to enable the global option: TabInsertsTabInMultiLineDialogs

See: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=14209

[master 65a4ff8]

12. Added the plugin Global_Option_Updater to the installer.

[master a8e8065]

13. Improvement for users of Chinese Big5 or GB2132 character sets. If the client is forcing a line break after the nominated number of characters in a line, do not split in the middle of a multi-byte character (which would turn it into two completely different characters). This only applies if UTF-8 is not active in the output window configuration.

[master 73c84f0, 2ff6873, cd7bc71]

14. Fixed crash or garbled error message if client is unable to connect to the MUD.

[master 441cbf9]

15. Fixed bug introduced in commit 9d4f265 where drawing to the output buffer was significantly slowed down (by a factor of about 30).

[master 4e2f265]

16. Added DefaultNameGenerationFile into the list of global options returned by GetGlobalOptionList.

[master a720c1c]

17. Reworked the plugin Global_Option_Updater to be more robust, particularly if an option has quotes in it. It also now uses the global options list from the currently-executing client, which makes it easier to set an option which was not previously known about.

[master 509c009]

18. After clicking on a hyperlink in the output window, the focus was not returned to the command window, which meant that the next keystroke (such as up-arrow) would not be acted upon. Now, clicking on a hyperlink returns the focus to the command window.

[master b9e52a1]

19. Fixed problem with PCRE regular expressions (eg. used in triggers and aliases) where if you used a named group (capture or wildcard) then the wrong capture value may have been returned.

[master 39cce14, 000a621]

20. Fixed bug where when using SetTriggerOption, if the option being set was multi_line or ignore_case, then the trigger would not be recompiled, and thus the new option would not take effect.

[master f99ffb2]

21. Fixed bug in script function PluginSupports, which would crash if a plugin had no script in it (the plugin being tested). For example, the supplied plugin "Omit_Blank_Lines" has no script in it.

[master 079ba7f]

22. Added support for 24-bit colour codes from the MUD as described here:


This lets MUDs send full 24-bit colour sequences in the format:

ESC[ 38;2;<r>;<g>;<b> m Select RGB foreground color
ESC[ 48;2;<r>;<g>;<b> m Select RGB background color

[master f3b91685]

23. Added support for 24-bit colour codes to the AnsiNote function. eg.

AnsiNote (ANSI (38, 2, 0, 255, 0), "This is green text")

[master c89d236]

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