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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.05

Version 5.05

Released on 03 Feb 2017

1. Changed style runs slightly so that an empty style run can exist in a line. Th is is so that if one line ends with a colour change it can be picked up in the next line. Suggested by Fiendish.

[commit ab71be2]

2. Changed the WindowMenu script function to let you align the menu to a specified place around the selected point.

If the first character of the entire Items string is the "~" character, then the menu alignment is specified by the next two characters. The "~xx" characters are then removed and the rest of the string treated in the usual way (so you could then start a submenu, for example).

The two characters following the "~" are the horizontal and vertical alignments, as follows:

- Horizontal: L, C or R (left, centre, right)
- Vertical: T, C or B (top, centre, bottom)

Default is top left (so the menu aligns to the specified point and appears on the right and underneath). That is, top left is where the menu starts.

[master a57ce19]

3. Fixed bug in (comms) sending routine where under some circumstances data (commands) would not be sent. This also had the side-effect of preventing any further data from being sent, making it seem like any attempts to send commands would fail.

[master c0b2149, ee10978, 3607fe1]

4. Upgraded SQLite3 from 3.13.0 to 3.16.2.

[master 38f28ec]

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