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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.04

Version 5.04

Released on 14 Dec 2016

1. Fixed bug in AnsiNote where if you used 256-colour ANSI, followed by normal ANSI, the normal ANSI sequence would be incorrectly interpreted as 256-colour ANSI. eg.

For example: AnsiNote(ANSI(0,38,5,15).."foo"..ANSI(1,37).."bar")

Would have shown "bar" in #00AFAF (the 256-ANSI colour 37) rather than white.

Also re-wrote AnsiNote completely to eliminate strange artifacts under certain conditions.

[master 3355d1e, 7290cfe]

2. Fixed bug where when doing a Note (or similar) it would be deferred when done from inside a plugin callback, even if the current output line only consisted of other notes.

[master 7290cfe]

3. Fixed bug where setting the seconds for a timer (which fires "at" a time) using SetTimerOption would fail to change the seconds.

[master b51d331]

4. Fixed bug where after doing a Note, ColourNote, or AnsiNote the note colour might bleed through to the next line of MUD output. Thanks to Fiendish for detecting the problem and suggesting a solution.

[master 5d70148, 0f54ced]

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