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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.03

Version 5.03

Released on 23 Sep 2016

1. Amended plugin MUSHclient_Help to add numbered matches. For example, if you search on "mchelp sounds" you will get a list like this:

1. Program features
2. GetInfo - Gets information about the current world
3. GetSystemMetrics - Returns selected system information from Windows
4. PlaySound - Plays a sound using DirectSound
5. StopSound - Stop playing a sound started by PlaySound

You can now type "mchelp 4" to get help on "PlaySound". This saves picking up the mouse and clicking on a hyperlink.

[master d1b1821]

2. Added ability to display notes with strike-through formatting. To do this use NoteStyle (32) - possibly in conjunction with other bits (like bold, underline, etc.).

This would apply to Note, Tell, ColourTell, etc.

[master 08382b6]

3. After pasting a trigger/alias/timer into the list, the previous selection is re-selected.

[master a241059]

4. An error when reloading the script file produces a message in the output window rather than a dialog box.

[master aa0cd16]

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