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Release notes for MUSHclient version 5.00

Version 5.00

Released on 16 Jan 2016

1. Updated LuaJSON (supplied as a Lua module) to be compatible with the changes made to LPEG in version 4.99

[master d95bb11]

2. Added new GetInfo selector (123) which is true if we are currently in the middle of a Simulate function call. This lets plugins detect if input is from the MUD or another (or the same) plugin simulating world input.

[master f575af7]

3. Added new GetInfo selector (124) which is true if the current line from the MUD is (going to be) omitted from output. This lets plugins detect if the line a trigger is working on is going to be omitted.

[master e3a9650, 54427b1]

4. Added the plugin name to the Lua script space for plugins, so that error messages originating in a plugin now indicate which one it was. eg.

[master 574cab1]

5. Changed the splash screen displayed at program startup. New splash screen artwork courtesy of Isobel Gammon.

[master d533bca]

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