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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.97

Version 4.97

Released on 06 Apr 2015

1. When an error occurs in a trigger script, the offending text of the matching line is now displayed. (Suggested by Fiendish).

[master 7d44a4f]

2. Improvement to the Calculator plugin, such that small numbers are also shown without an exponent.

[master cba48ce]

3. Allow for carriage-return or newline to be inside an MXP entity (eg. 

[master 5ad24b1]

4. Allow plugins to have a negative sequence number. If a plugin has a negative sequence number triggers and aliases in it are evaluated before the main world triggers and aliases. Suggested by Fiendish.

Range of plugin sequence numbers is now -10000 to +10000.

[master 4a71204, e3d9913]

5. Upgraded PNG library to version 1.6.17

[master e995b2c]

6. Upgraded SQLite3 library to

[master 7ee692f]

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