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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.95

Version 4.95

Released on 18 Oct 2014

1. Added support for clicking the middle-mouse button in a miniwindow hotspot. This will set the flag 0x200 (middle mouse button) instead of 0x10 (left mouse button) or 0x20 (right mouse button).

[master 2b8d15d]

2. Modified script functions GetMainWindowPosition and GetWorldWindowPosition to take an additional boolean argument (under Lua only) which reports the current window positions in a different way, which works better under Windows 7 if the window has been "Aero Snapped".

Note that the position reported will not be correct if the window is minimized (if this argument is true).

[master 4eb9166]

3. Modified the Calculator plugin to have three extra functions: hex (), bin (), oct (). These let you do quick base conversions. eg

= hex (64532)

[master 6f3e571]

4. Fixed problem with 256-colour ANSI sequences where under certain circumstances text would not be bolded correctly.

[master 97eeb41]

5. Added support to AnsiNote for 256-colour ANSI sequences.

[master d4e43a2]

6. Updated PCRE (regular expression) library from 8.35 to 8.36. See here for more information:


[master 23ff267]

7. Updated SQLite3 (database) library from to 3.8.7. See here for more information:


[master 6168ac0]

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