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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.89

Version 4.89

Released on 24 Feb 2013

1. Fixed bug where the scroll bars would not be correct after doing DeleteLines. Also, the output window might go into "paused" mode (as a side-effect of this).

[master 58e0045, bd11114]

2. Added script function StopEvaluatingTriggers. This lets a trigger decide to stop further trigger evaluation (eg. because it knows it handled whatever-had-to-be-done).

You can choose to stop all trigger evaluation in the main world / current plugin, or all triggers in the current world/plugin and all subsequent plugins. This is a once-off for this particular line, triggers remain enabled for subsequent lines from the MUD.

[master 0ff3058]

3. Added a plugin "sequence" option. This is not supported in the GUI interface (plugin wizard). To use it add this line to your "plugin" header:

author="Nick Gammon"
purpose="Some purpose"
sequence="90" <-------- add this

Sequences can be in the range 0 to 10000. They default to 5000 (if omitted). Plugins with the same sequence number are loaded in the order they are found in the world file (same as at present).

The sequence affects the evaluation order of triggers, aliases, and plugin callbacks. A lower sequence number means that plugin will be evaluated earlier.

This could be used in conjunction with StopEvaluatingTriggers to control trigger evaluation order.

[master df9c170]

4. Added selector 25 to GetPluginInfo - returns the plugin sequence number.

[master 8eb1d80]

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