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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.87

Version 4.87

Released on 05 Feb 2013

1. Some documentation improvements regarding SQLite3 databases (in the help file).

2. Added script function: SetTitle

This lets a script alter the title in the title bar of the world window.

[master 5f3b03b, 94f68c2, 04a0bf4]

3. Added selector 88 to GetInfo - returns window title from SetTitle.

[master 444d87f]

4. Updated SQLite3 library from to See here for more information:


[master 1db9f1d]

5. Updated PCRE (regular expression) library from 8.31 to 8.32. See here for more information:


[master ef7dd12]

6. Updated PNG library from 1.5.12 to 1.5.14.

[master bc6d91c]

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