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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.84

Version 4.84

Released on 30 Sep 2012

1. Fixed bug in logging in HTML colour where the line preamble/postamble would be out of sequence with <font> ... </font> for colour changes.

[master 04f9185]

2. Changes to the options "tool_tip_visible_time" and "tool_tip_start_time" now take effect immediately, without needing to close the world and re-open it.

[master cbdce1b]

3. Fixed bug where if you used the Bookmark function, and then did a Note (print, etc.) then the line would not be bookmarked.

[master 1df3751]

4. Improved wait.lua module to give more friendly error message (rather than an assertion) if triggers and/or timers are not enabled. Suggested by Fiendish.

[master 48506a7]

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