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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.83

Version 4.83

Released on 29 Sep 2012

1. Fixed bug in DatabaseLastInsertRowid where the last row ID was not returned.

[master 2045747]

2. Added function Bookmark. This lets a script bookmark any line in the output window. eg.

Bookmark (GetLinesInBufferCount (), true) -- bookmark the last line

This is intended for marking important places in the output, such as the start of combat, levelling up, gaining a skill, and so on.

Bookmarks do not take any extra memory. Any number of lines can be bookmarked.

[master 74ed6c1]

3. Added two more non-GUI configuration options:

"tool_tip_visible_time" and "tool_tip_start_time"

These let you control how long it takes for a tooltip to appear if you hover over something that offers tooltips ("tool_tip_start_time") and how long the tooltip remains, if you leave the mouse there ("tool_tip_visible_time").

Times are in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds to a second). So to wait for 1/10 of a second before a tooltip appears you might have in a script:

SetOption ("tool_tip_start_time", 100)

Tooltip times are only configured when the output window is opened, so you will need to close and re-open the world for the change to take effect.

The plugin Config_Option_Changer has been altered to allow you to easily change these two options.

[master 555d6b4]

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