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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.82

Version 4.82

Released on 22 Sep 2012

1. Fixed bug where, if you had "echo input" set to "no change" it would revert to Custom Colour 10 next time the world was loaded.

[master a9bfa67]

2. Added selector 23 to WindowInfo. This returns the plugin ID of the plugin that created the miniwindow. If no plugin created it (ie. the main world) then an empty string is returned.

[master 6db5483]

3. Renamed accelerator name for the "+" key to "Plus". Previously you could not do an accelerator on Alt++ because of the two pluses. Now you can use Alt+Plus.

[master c386300]

4. Modified movewindow.lua to remember the actual window position (using WindowInfo) when doing a save_state, as suggested by Fiendish.

[master 46cef19]

5. Fixed bug in handling of OnPluginMXPopenTag script callback where, if that function was present in a plugin, the hyperlink would become inactive.

[master 5ac2579, 3e1b87e]

6. Fixed bug where, if the output window scrolled, and a miniwindow had a tooltip visible, the tooltip was removed.

[master 285b5d4]

7. Upgraded PCRE (regular expression) library from version 8.21 to 8.31.

[master c94c8a5, b9db57d]

8. Upgraded PNG library from 1.5.7 to 1.5.12.

[master c91ff45]

9. Upgraded SQLite3 library from 3.7.9 to 3.7.14.

[master 19f1ff8]

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