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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.78

Version 4.78

Released on 18 Oct 2011

1. Fixed bug in shuffle algorithm in commas.lua where the table was not completely shuffled, particularly if it only had 2 or 3 items.

[master cb80c2b]

2. Debug "summary" now shows how long the client has been open, the world open, and the world connected.

[master a5bfeb9, 4055e50]

3. Fixed problem with telnet subnegotiations callback under non-Lua scripting, where using this callback probably would crash the client.

[master 8c73315]

4. Upgraded SQLite3 library from to 3.7.8.

This gives some speed improvements as documented here:


In particular:

ORDER BY and GROUP BY operations should now be faster for all cases.

[master 1a5d7c5]

5. Fixed bug in SQLite3 re handling very large exponents in literals. This was discussed here:


[master 1a5d7c5]

6. Upgraded PCRE (regexp) library from 8.12 to 8.13.

This gives a substantial number of bug-fixes and speed improvements as documented here:


[master d72fa69]

7. Upgraded PNG library from 1.5.4 to 1.5.5. This fixes a bug as follows:

libpng 1.5.4 (only) introduced a divide-by-zero bug in png_handle_cHRM(), which could lead to crashes (denial of service) in applications that support color correction.

[master 74196b6]

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