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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.76

Version 4.76

Released on 16 Jul 2011

1. Added a 7th argument to the Hyperlink function (for Lua scripting only). If true, the underline is omitted. The default is false.
[master 3ab1b48]

2. Fixed bug where NoteHr() would not draw anything.
[master 8f0153c]

3. Fixed bug where NoteHr line would draw through timestamps.
[master bc9b14f]

4. Added SQLite3 database (help.db) to MUSHclient installation directory. This is a database of all the contents of the help file (The database the help is generated from). This adds about 310 Kb to the installer size, but makes it possible for scripted help documentation to be shown (eg. in the output window, or a miniwindow). This is particularly useful as the old help file format is not really supported under Windows 7 or Vista, and doesn't work too well under Wine.

The database does not have FTS3 tables created, but this can be done if desired by a plugin so that full-text searches of the help may be quickly done.

For more details see: http://mushclient.com/forum/?id=11248

[master d2d1242, af33928, 8f47dca, 24d7440, 863e926]

5. The AcceleratorTo script function now remembers which plugin called it (by plugin ID). Thus in particular if you do send-to-script the script in the plugin will be called, not the script in the world file.
[master 9657606, aaab995]

6. Fixed bug where if you hit Enter very quickly (eg. by holding it down) and you had "repeat on same line" checked, the repeating might fail and the command window cleared.
[master c295f84]

7. Got rid of dialog "Preload world defaults from an existing world?" when creating a new world file. This was confusing, didn't preload plugins, and had the potential to wipe out settings in the world you were preloading from.
[master 579afc0]

8. Fixed bug in telnet negotiation, where after receiving an IAC DONT x and sending an IAC WONT x, it did not properly handle a subsequent IAC DO x.
[master 020463a]

9. Changed movewindows.lua module to allow you to specify initial coordinates for the window. Thanks Fiendish!
[master 504a387]

10. If the mouse is over a hotspot after it was created then a mouse-move event is generated. Previously a newly-created hotspot was only noticed when you moved the mouse.
[master 093802f]

11. Upgraded SQLite3 from to This adds some enhancements to FTS3/FTS4 processing (full text searching). It also enables URI-style filenames by default. For more details see:



Example: "file:/home/fred/data.db?mode=rwc"

[master 3387eef]

12. Upgraded PNG library from 1.5.2 to 1.5.4.

This fixes various problems as documented here:


[master f9d3eb4]

13. Added "filter prepare" function to utils.filterpicker. This lets you call a function once each time the filter box is changed. This function could be used to prepare for the filtering which is applied per-item for the filter (for example, by querying a database).
[master e901b4e]

14. When editing triggers, aliases or timers, pressing Alt+Enter now opens the "Send" box editor. This makes it easier to change what the trigger/alias/timer does when it fires.
[master 9437ece]

15. Added new plugin MUSHclient_Help. This is an example of reading the help database (as described above) and displaying the help content in the output window. It shows how you can use LPEG to parse the HTML-like tags in certain fields of the help file, and do full-text searches of the help.

For more details see: http://mushclient.com/forum/?id=11248

[master 5229d50, 853b094, a387512]

16. When opening a world file which has plugins, a progress dialog box is displayed while the plugins are loading, to show the rate at which they are loading.
[master 727d41e]

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