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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.74

Version 4.74

Released on 11 Jun 2011

1. Fixed bug where GetTriggerInfo (38) would report an incorrect number of match attempts if triggers had "expand variables" checked.
[master c564879]

2. Fixed Timestamps plugin so that if you removed the plugin, the timestamps would go away.
[master e2ac09f]

3. Fixed checkplugin.lua to also check if the required plugin is enabled. Also checks that timers are enabled, because the plugin check requires timers.
[master 3e147b1, ce50a69]

4. Fixed some inconsistencies in the way that plugin callbacks were called during miniwindow mouse moves and presses. In particular, WindowInfo (19) and (20) should now return the hotspot relevant to where the mouse is now. Also sometimes it appeared that after a mouse-up, if the mouse was over a hotspot, a new move-over event was not raised. Now it should be.
[master 5334bac, c87c92e, 804a5cf, bce41ac]

5. Updated help files to have a summary of Lua syntax (eg. data types, for loops, function declarations).

6. Updated PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expression) library from version 8.10 to 8.12.

This fixes some bugs as documented here:


[master 1b0abca]

7. Updated SQLite3 library from version to This was to fix a problem with WAL mode which could cause transactions to silently rollback if the cache_size is set very small (less than 10) and SQLite comes under memory pressure.
[master 00fd050]

8. Fixed bug where, during MCCP decompression, if the zLib engine returned Z_BUF_ERROR, MUSHclient would close the world rather than allocating more memory for decompression and trying again.
[master bf9c23b]

9. Fixed bug if a global plugin had a relative pathname, it would not recognize it as the same plugin as loaded locally. In other words, it should be possible to have global plugins with a relative pathname, and not get errors where you get a message about "The plugin 'X' is already loaded.".
[master c881cff]

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