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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.73

Version 4.73

Released on 08 May 2011

1. Added the eKeepEvaluating flag (8) to AddAlias. Also added it to the alias_flags table.
[master 01a785823, 482132691]

2. Fixed bug so that a newline in world.Execute is correctly processed.
[master 773ee3bef]

3. Added "read_only", "ok_button_width", "cancel_button_width", and "no_default" options to "extras" table for utils.inputbox and utils.editbox.
[master 84486cc, d33099e4cf]

4. Fixed various bugs in the generic Find routine. This in particular fixes problems where when searching in the output buffer, multiple occurrences of a word on one line would not be handled correctly. Also finding backwards used to overshoot and highlight the wrong thing.
[master 9f901d5]

5. Upgraded SQLite3 from 3.7.3 to This includes various bug-fixes, speed improvements, and improvements to FTS (Full Text Search). Support for FTS4 is now included, more details here:


[master e873506]

6. Upgraded PNG library from 1.4.3 to 1.5.2.
[master e873506]

7. Added new script function WindowSetZOrder which lets you change the Z-Order of miniwindows. This controls the order in which they are drawn (and mouse-clicks processed). The default is zero, in which case the windows are drawn in window name order, as before.

If two (or more) windows have the same Z-order they are drawn in name order, otherwise the lower-numbered Z-order is drawn first (and is thus underneath).

Also added selector 22 to WindowInfo, which returns the Z-order number. This lets you work out what number to use to go above or below a specific window.
[master d11a909]

8. In order to prevent a crash, a script (eg. mousedown) called from a miniwindow callback can no longer delete the miniwindow that called it.
[master d6eb9b5]

9. Added new script function UnloadPlugin. This lets a script remove a plugin from the world. A plugin cannot unload itself, however. To work around this schedule an unload with DoAfterSpecial or similar.
[master 5072cd1]

10. Fixed crash which would occur under certain circumstances (eg. a plugin directly or indirectly writing to the output buffer, when the output buffer was not ready).
[master 9ac3d51]

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