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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.72

Version 4.72

Released on 04 Feb 2011

1. Improved the way timers (and the OnPluginTick callback) are checked.

Previously they were implemented by using a Windows "WM_TIMER" message. The problem with this is that Windows treats these as low-priority events, which are not necessarily sent when you asked them to be.

In particular, if a lot was happening on the MUD (lots of incoming text, for example) then the timers might fire many seconds after you expected them to.

In this change, the timer processing is now considered for evaluation after every packet arrives from the MUD (a packet may consist of multiple "lines" of text).

The code uses the high-resolution timer feature to work out if it is time for the timers to fire (whether or not we got a WM_TIMER event) and if so, calls them in the usual way.

The net effect is that timers are likely to fire closer to the requested time. They may still be out if, in response to text from the MUD, the client takes a lot of time in plugins (for example, drawing a map). However they shouldn't be out as much as before.

[master b44c7b5, 1cf140c]

2. Changed ATCP_Mapper.xml to allow for a nil area, and display "Unknown" rather than crashing.

[master 0f86f1a]

3. When you reload or delete a plugin from the File -> Plugins dialog, you now get confirmation in the output window.

[master ede54d6]

4. When you enable or disable a plugin from the File -> Plugins dialog, you now get confirmation in the output window. (This is provided the plugin's enabled state changed).

[master b5c2a15, b841c57]

5. When you add a plugin from the File -> Plugins dialog, you now get confirmation in the output window.

[master 3024d89]

6. Improved the log file preamble/postamble added when you click the "Standard HTML preamble/postamble" button to use a CSS stylesheet for the background colour, rather than a table. This should improve the speed of viewing the resulting log.

[master ae4f179]

7. Improved the plugin wizard (the one that generates plugins) so that for the triggers, aliases, timers and variable dialog pages, you can click on the column headers to sort by that column (eg. trigger name, alias contents).

[master 7c78118]

8. Fixed bug where you could not use Find in the variables configuration list (nothing would be found).

[master 0079c5d]

9. Amended SaveState to disallow attempts to save the plugin state if it is already being saved. In particular, if you call SaveState from OnPluginSaveState this will now return ePluginCouldNotSaveState, rather than going into a loop until the client runs out of stack space.

[master b8f6bd4]

10. Updated Hyperlink_URL2 plugin as per author's changes.

[master f70ab9c]

11. Fixed bug where if a trigger omits and inside the trigger does a Send (and echoing commands is enabled) the sent command was not echoed. It is now batched up (like the Notes currently are since version 4.54, and displayed when it should. Note however that the mouse-over information box will show the player command as a note, and not player input.

[master dd274b9]

12. Fixed bug in Hyperlink function where if the hyperlinked text called a script function (with "!!PLUGIN_ID") and the hyperlink wrapped at the end of the line, the second line, although underlined, would not work correctly.

[master c1602f8]

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