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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.70

Version 4.70

Released on 16 Nov 2010

1. Doing a "find forwards" in the output buffer will now match multiple items on the same line (eg. find "kobold" where "kobold" occurs twice on the line).

[master a023355]

2. Doing a "find backwards" in the output buffer will now also match multiple items on the same line.

[master 75f7e80]

3. Fixed bug where, in OnPluginEnable plugin callback, the plugin would not know who it was (so, for example, GetPluginName would return an empty string).

[master 253d854]

4. Changed callbacks for miniwindow mouse-up, mouse-down-cancel, mouse-move, mouse-release to return the flags of which mouse was pressed on the mouse-down.

The flags from the mouse-down (see below) are remembered, and given to the other callback functions. Thus, you can tell if, during a mouse-move, this was due to an original LH-click or a RH-click.

0x10 - LH mouse
0x20 - RH mouse
0x40 - double-click

[master 80c3097]

5. Improved movewindow.lua to allow for calling plugins to preprocess mouse events.

This is done by adding a sixth (optional) argument to movewindow.install. If supplied, then this should be a table of handlers named as follows:


They are all optional, but if supplied, should point to a function which implements the preprocessing handler. If this handler returns true (or more accurately, anything other than nil, false, or no value) then the default processing in movewindow.lua is bypassed.


function do_mousedown (flags, id, win)
if bit.band (flags, miniwin.hotspot_got_rh_mouse) ~= 0 then
-- do something different here
return true
end -- if

return false -- take normal movewindow behaviour
end -- do_mousedown

-- and then when installing the window handler:

windowinfo = movewindow.install (win,
miniwin.pos_center_right, -- position
0, -- flags
false, -- check position OK?
nil, -- friends
{ mousedown = do_mousedown } -- preprocessing

[master d4d5dac]

6. Added Version_Check.xml (plugin) to the distribution. If added, this checks for a new version of MUSHclient every 7 days, so you can keep abreast of new releases without having to check the forum periodically.

[master 623d7db]

7. Added timing metric to calculate how long scripts spend in each plugin. This is available as GetPluginInfo (id, 24) and also reported when doing Debug ("summary").

[master 98b79bc]

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