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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.66

Version 4.66

Released on 31 Oct 2010

1. Changed so that the Tree View checkbox in the world configuration dialogs is now in the tab order.

[master aafae28]

2. Improved speed of WindowGradient function by about a factor of 4 for operating systems Windows 2000 upwards, and slightly for other operating systems (modes 1 and 2, the smooth gradient fills).

[master ea5a82b]

3. Added warning to Debug "summary" for the case that a miniwindow was marked to be shown, but was temporarily hidden due to auto-positioning not finding room for it.

[master a348b76]

4. Fixed crash if plugins tried to access other plugins during world close. For example, if Trace is active, and a plugin handles OnPluginTrace, and the plugin that handles OnPluginTrace was deleted just before another plugin, then the trace message about the later plugin being closed cannot be handled by the now deleted plugin.

Or a plugin might do a BroadcastPlugin during world close.

Previously all the plugins were deleted and then the list of plugins was cleared. Now the list is cleared one by one as the plugins are deleted.

[master f41ba46, cc89eff]

5. Fixed some problems with DatabaseColumnText, DatabaseColumnValue, and DatabaseColumnValues when used with non-ANSI encoding (eg. Chinese code pages) where the returned data would not be what was on the database. Basically internally the UTF-8 codes were being incorrectly converted to and from 16-bit Unicode.

This change only affects Lua, the behaviour in other scripting languages is unchanged.

[master b3f4ff7]

6. Also modified DatabaseGetField to return UTF-8 correctly under Lua. Some code cleanups of the database code.

[master bddf1f8]

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