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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.64

Version 4.64

Released on 05 Oct 2010

1. Improvements to utils.editbox and utils.inputbox.

You can now control the size of the overall dialog box, the prompt, the box into which you enter text, and the amount of text that can be entered.



[master 7da05d3]

2. Further improvements to utils.editbox and utils.inputbox.

You can now supply a "validate" routine which checks that what is typed into the boxes satisfies some rule (eg. is a number) before the dialog is closed.

You can also change the labels of the OK and Cancel buttons.

[master 6669b22]

3. Changed the command entry so that if you have the option "Save Deleted Command" checked, then using the arrow-keys to change the contents of the command window counts as deleting it. So in other words, you can leave "Confirm before replacing typing" unchecked, and not lose a lengthy thing you have typed, just because you hit the arrow key. Instead, it is saved in the command history buffer.

[master 1e50f1c]

4. Added new script function: Menu

This lets you display a small popup menu (like the function-name completion menu), allowing the player to choose from a list of items you provide. The selected one is returned as the function result.

[master e2fb430]

5. Improved mapper.lua to use the new smaller utils.inputbox dialogs - for querying you for numbers.

[master e4041e6]

6. Updated the supplied lua5.1.dll file with patches as per the following file:


This is a set of recommended patches from www.lua.org fixing various minor bugs as described here:


7. Fixed bug where 0x00 bytes would not be passed to OnPluginPacketReceived - in fact the packet would be terminated at the first 0x00 byte.

[master 5edf258]

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