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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.63

Version 4.63

Released on 29 Sep 2010

1. Fixed bug in BroadcastPlugin where the receiving plugin (the one being broadcast to) would not know its plugin ID, and thus if it re-broadcast, thing would go wrong. Also it would incorrectly get plugin variables, etc.

[master 5f41472]

2. Changed BroadcastPlugin so it would no longer broadcast to itself. For one thing, a plugin should not need to notify itself of something, and for another, this can cause an infinite loop. If in a OnPluginBroadcast plugin callback you do a BroadcastPlugin, then you will get a loop.

[master 081f336]

3. Reverted changes in version 4.62 to support themed Windows XP controls. This was causing major problems with the notepad windows. Either they showed garbage, did not save correctly, or finding did not work correctly.

[master 7b82bc9]

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