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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.59

Version 4.59

Released on 30 Aug 2010

1. Added Messages_Window plugin to the installer.

This is a simple plugin that lets scripts output messages (eg. combat info) to a separate miniwindow.

For general discussion see:


[Commit cfadc5f], [Commit dcbc0ac]

2. Added new flag bit to WindowCreate. This lets you keep existing hotspots if you are recreating an existing miniwindow. (Flag 0x10).

[Commit 3f55519]

3. Added the Calculator plugin. This lets you evaluate expressions and print the result more simply.


= 2*5 (prints 10)

See: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=10511

[Commit 6ba2f42]

4. Added miniwindow script function WindowTransformImage.

This lets you script copy an image into a miniwindow with translation, rotation, reflection, shearing and scaling.

For more details, examples and screen shots, see:


[Commit bfc9f2d, 1540f4c, c84915d, cd7549d]

5. Miniwindow pen styles can now have some optional extra flags:

There is a discussion with some screenshots here:


Basically you can add the following to the PenStyle parameter to control how pens (if used) both join (eg. in a polygon) or end (eg. in a line).

0x0000 - round ends (0 = the default)
0x0100 - square ends (256)
0x0200 - flat ends (512)

0x0000 - round joins (0 = the default)
0x1000 - bevel joins (4096)
0x2000 - miter joins (8192)

The default behaviour is to do what it did before.

[Commit 3de68fa]

6. Added LuaJSON to the distribution.

This version of LuaJSON (1.1) downloaded from:


To use JSON, just do something like this:

require "json"
t = GetVariableList () -- table of variables
j = json.encode (t) -- encode it
print (j) -- show results

require "tprint"
t1 = json.decode (j) -- decode back into table
tprint (t1) -- show new table

[Commit 6426a66, 171eaa3, 593ac1b, 227fcac]

7. Fixed bug where, if you did a ColourNote in a trigger which was omitting from output, and the omitted text had multiple style runs, then the text would be jumbled.

[Commit 99c6eea]

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