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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.58

Version 4.58

Released on 19 Aug 2010

1. Added script functions WindowResize and WindowMoveHotspot.

This lets you resize a miniwindow, and move a hotspot.

The intention here is to allow you to make a resizeable window (eg. a chat window) without having to delete and recreate windows (and all their hotspots, images, fonts etc.).

If the window is resized, then the "drag to resize" hotspot is likely to move as well, hence the addition of WindowMoveHotspot.

[Commit d24d7a1], [Commit c0becdf]

2. In Debug ("summary") the hyperlink "[Telnet]" only appears if a non-zero count of incoming DO/DONT/WILL/WONT items has occurred.

[Commit f6d33c7]

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