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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.56

Version 4.56

Released on 08 Aug 2010

1. Improved Installer_Sumcheck plugin. It now shows the description (so once you install it you can click "Show Info"). This explains how to use it.

[Commit 9fdee9e], [Commit 09094b6]

2. Added selector 119 to GetInfo. This indicates if the scripting engine is active in the main script space (so a plugin can test if scripting is active in the main world script file).

[Commit f035232]

3. Changed error message if scripting is not active from:

"Script cannot execute because of parse error in script file"


"Scripting is not active yet, or script file had a parse error."

This new message covers the case of where a world.Execute fails during program start-up, because scripting has not yet been activated.

[Commit ca459b1]

4. Fixed bug where, if you did a Note early on after opening a world, after a ColourNote, then the Note would be in the ColourNote colour, not the default Note colour.

[Commit c46a700]

5. Added two new Debug function options: "ansi" and "custom_colours".

These list on your output window your current ANSI colour selections, and your current custom colours. This lets you see at a glance how your colour scheme will look.

In the case of the "ansi" option you are shown what the colour would look like as the foreground colour over the default background (eg. yellow on black) and as the background colour under the default foreground (eg. white on yellow). This will give you a pretty good idea of how the colours will look if the MUD sends the colour as normal text (eg. yellow text) or inverse text (eg. inverted yellow).

[Commit a1bbcef], [Commit 1b19ca9]

6. The Debug function now accepts "colors" as a synonym for "colours", "colors_256" as a synonym for "colours_256" and "custom_colors" as a synonym for "custom_colours".

[Commit a1bbcef]

7. Added new plugin to the distribution: Code_Chart.xml

This displays an ASCII code chart, showing the relationship between ASCII character codes and what gets displayed.

[Commit d339644], [Commit 1955ec9]

8. Added new world configuration option "play_sounds_in_background".

If set, sounds played by PlaySound continue to play, even if MUSHclient does not have the focus.

This does not have a GUI interface. To set it, do this (in a script, eg. Ctrl+I):

SetOption ("play_sounds_in_background", 1) -- activate it

Then save your world file.

[Commit 440deaa]

9. Fixed bug where the default state file directory is set up by appending state\ to the default plugins directory name, before it knows what the plugins directory name is.

[Commit 8ee06e4]

10. Update lsqlite3 library from 0.6 to 0.7 which fixes some minor bugs.

This is the library used for the Lua interface to the SQLite3 database.

[Commit 912295e]

11. Improved Debug 'summary' to:

* Show if DLLs could be loaded into Lua scripting
* Showed length of Lua sandbox (this is a hint as to whether it has changed)
* Showed the interval at which timers are checked
* Show your scripting prefix
* Show your external script editor, if you are using one
* Show your speedwalk prefix, and if speedwalking is active
* Show your command-stack character, and if command-stacking is active

[Commit 9f96adc], [Commit 8f06582]

12. Added plugin callback "OnPluginWorldSave".

This gets called when the world file is about to be saved. This lets a plugin do something extra (maybe writing a file that is not the plugin state file) whenever the player chooses to save the world file.

[Commit 2499cf9]

13. Cleaned up the code for detecting plugin callbacks, and added new Lua function utils.callbackslist ().

This returns a table of all the currently-implemented plugin callback function names.


table.foreachi (utils.callbackslist (), print)

[Commit 7732657]

14. Fixed bug where if you defined an accelerator key, and the focus was in the output window (not the command window) then pressing the accelerator key would not work.

[Commit 0929663]

15. Plugins can now manually save state (by calling the SaveState function) even if save_state is not enabled in the plugin header. This lets plugins save their state when they want to, rather than automatically.

[Commit 254255a]

16. Considerable enhancements to the Debug "summary" behaviour. Now you get some hyperlinks (Trigger List, Alias List, Timer List, Variable List). If you click on them an additional list of things is displayed as appropriate. In most cases each item has its own hyperlink. If you click on the hyperlink (eg. the Trigger name) the full item info is dumped to the output window (this is the same stuff that is shown when you Copy the item in the GUI interface). Also displayed is internal information from this particular execution (like, the count of times the trigger matched).

In addition, you can list triggers, aliases, timers, variables in any plugin.

[Commit 168458a], [Commit 1e1532e], [Commit 5e7dec9],
[Commit 8af7dcd], [Commit 9315202], [Commit 5ed69ae]

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