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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.55

Version 4.55

Released on 30 Jul 2010

1. Changed default for the state file directory to be the current plugins directory (whatever that is) with state\ appended.

[Commit 889dabd]

2. Added new "Debug" option called "summary". This summarizes various things about this world file (similar to what you see in the world configuration "info" tab. The intention is that this could be executed and pasted into a forum message to give useful details about a problematic world file or situation.


Debug ("summary")

Summarized are things like:

* MUSHclient version
* Library versions (eg. PNG)
* Counts of triggers, aliases, timers
* How many triggers, aliases, timers were enabled, and how many fired
* Summary of installed plugins and whether enabled or not
* What scripting language is in use, and if enabled
* Counts of bytes sent and received
* Some timing information
* Summary of installed miniwindows
* Summary of open SQLite3 databases
* Counts of IAC (telnet) sequences received
* Output window size and font size

[Commit 889dabd], [Commit 0a28c28], [Commit 7990fdc],
[Commit 949f460], [Commit 1aecfa9], [Commit c9789b3]

3. Added plugin Summary.xml to the distribution.

This lets you get the Debug summary (described above) from players who may not be using Lua, or who may not be comfortable with typing script commands.

Just ask them to install the Summary.xml plugin and then type "summary".

[Commit 127940a], [Commit a463c1c]

4. Made some warning messages (like, when loading plugins) less wordy.

[Commit 21d1ddb]

5. Improved CallPlugin for Lua-to-Lua calls. You can now pass multiple arguments after the function name, and receive zero or more returned values from the called function.

For more details see:


[Commit 324e64f], [Commit 887ed4b], [Commit 275bee6]

6. Added selector 23 to GetPluginInfo. This lets you find the plugin ID of the calling plugin, during a CallPlugin call. The ID may be the empty string if the plugin was called from the main script space.

This lets plugin A determine if it is being asked to do something by plugin B, or not.

[Commit 84fae24]

7. Removed the USE_LUA definition from the source code. Lua is tightly integrated into the client these days, and having the define there made it look like it was optional.

[Commit 6750ba5]

8. Increased the maximum number of menu items that can be popped up with a MXP menu, or the WindowMenu function, from 30 to 100. In particular, with the WindowMenu function, since you can now use nested menus, a higher limit is more sensible.

[Commit cb9612c]

9. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash if you did the script function:

Debug ("option_info")

[Commit ad6fe50]

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