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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.54

Version 4.54

Released on 19 Jul 2010

1. Added new scripting options for setting defaults when you add a trigger, alias or timer through the GUI interface.

default_alias_send_to - where to "send to" (eg. 12 = script)
default_alias_sequence - sequence number (eg. 100)
default_alias_regexp - true if a regular expression
default_alias_expand_variables - true to expand variables
default_alias_keep_evaluating - true to keep evaluating
default_alias_ignore_case - true to ignore case

default_timer_send_to - where to "send to" (eg. 12 = script)

default_trigger_send_to - where to "send to" (eg. 12 = script)
default_trigger_sequence - sequence number (eg. 100)
default_trigger_regexp - true if a regular expression
default_trigger_expand_variables - true to expand variables
default_trigger_keep_evaluating - true to keep evaluating
default_trigger_ignore_case - true to ignore case

For example:

SetOption ("default_trigger_send_to", sendto.script)
SetOption ("default_alias_sequence", 50)
SetOption ("default_trigger_regexp", true)
SetOption ("default_alias_expand_variables", true)
SetOption ("default_trigger_keep_evaluating", false)
SetOption ("default_alias_ignore_case", true)

[Commit 743748e], [Commit 328e54d]

2. Changed the way world.Note (and similar functions, like ColourNote) are done.

* Any notes done early in world setup (before the output window is created) are now batched up, and displayed once the output window exists. This lets you see error messages or other messages from plugins, which previously quietly disappeared.

* The "XML load error" messages now go to the main output window, rather than a notepad window. This saves having lots of windows cluttering up your workspace.

* The behaviour of combining "omit from output" in a trigger, where the trigger sends to Output, does a world.Note (or ColourNote or similar) has changed. Previously any notes done following a trigger which omitted from output, were also omitted. This was disconcerting for beginner scripters, and also an annoyance for everyone. For example, a script error (in "send to script") might cause an error message to be displayed, which then got omitted. You then wondered why the trigger didn't seem to be working.

Now, prior to omitting the triggered line(s) from output, the notes are extracted, and then re-inserted. The overall effect is that the noted lines are not lost.

[Commit 602264a]

3. Fixed bug where on a new install of MUSHclient, a shortcut to it did not appear in the Start Menu.

[Commit f119fb4]

4. Made the location of the plugins "state" directory a separate configurable option (defaulting to the original behaviour of "./worlds/plugins/state/").

This is saved to the mushclient_prefs.sqlite file under the key "StateFilesDirectory".

Its value can be established by using:

GetGlobalOption ("StateFilesDirectory")


GetInfo (85)

[Commit 5f43982]

5. Fixed bug where, when writing global options to the preferences database, if the option did not already exist, it would not be updated. Now an attempt is made to update it, and then if that fails, it is added.

[Commit 5f43982], [Commit b85d41a]

6. If you try to load the same plugin twice, the error message has changed from:

'Plugin "id" field must be unique for this world'


'The plugin '<name>' is already loaded.'

That explains somewhat better what is going on.

[Commit 5f43982], [Commit b85d41a]

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