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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.53

Version 4.53

Released on 17 Jul 2010

1. Changed incorrect reporting of Lua version from 5.1.1 to 5.1.4.

The DLL shipped with MUSHclient has been 5.1.4 since version 4.36, however when you open a world the new "version reporting" feature used an out-of-date header file to report the Lua version as being 5.1.1.

This does not affect functionality in any way, it is just misleading.

[Commit 2b5dfa1]

2. Fixed bug where the "variables have changed" flag was never cleared. Thus, once you changed a variable, and you have global preferences set to "Offer to save world if only Variables have changed" set, then you were always asked to save the world.

[Commit 5a747a4]

3. Changed PCRE (regular expression) library from 8.01 to 8.10

This adds support for backtracking control in processing regular expression patterns, using constructs like:


Effectively (from what I have read so far) they help control whether, once you have started matching a pattern, you continue to match it, or backtrack and try something else.

[Commit bfb6462]

4. Changed zLib (compression) library from 1.2.3 to 1.2.5

For details about the changes see:


[Commit eb4880e]

5. Removed hard-coded limit of 1000 wildcards in regular expressions. Although unlikely to be exceeded, you can now have any number (that PCRE supports). Also some tidy-ups to the way regular expressions are handled. (Suggested by Twisol).

[Commit b73a97e], [Commit f7ab822], [Commit 1b6558e]

6. The script functions SetTriggerOption, SetAliasOption, SetTimerOption now accept a wider range of values for boolean options (like the enabled flag) as follows:

"Y", "y", or "1" for true
"N", "n", or "0" for false

Also for Lua (which allows different types to be supplied) you can simply supply true or false. You can also supply nil for false. However supplying no value at all is an error.

[Commit db1fd0e], [Commit 6226850]

7. Similar to the above, accept "Y", "y", "1", "N", "n", "0" for SetChatOption (and true/false in Lua).

Also for SetOption, accept true/false in Lua. You can also supply nil for false. However supplying no value at all is an error.

[Commit a6f49a1], [Commit 6226850]

8. In trigger and alias "send" boxes you can now use %N (or %n) which will be replaced by the name of the currently-matching trigger or alias. The "name" in this context is either the label you put in the label box, or the internal name if an unlabelled trigger or alias. This can be used for things like GetTriggerInfo, or EnableTrigger, etc., which can be useful for triggers to disable themselves.

[Commit d4408b2]

9. Added selector 37 to GetTriggerInfo/GetPluginTriggerInfo and selector 30 to GetAliasInfo/GetPluginAliasInfo. In all cases they report the time taken in seconds to attempt to match the underlying regular expression (even if you don't have 'regular expressions' checked, they are internally converted into regular expressions).

This time is added to, whether or not the item actually matches (that is, a failed attempt still takes time).

[Commit a3943a0]

10. Added selector 38 to GetTriggerInfo/GetPluginTriggerInfo and selector 31 to GetAliasInfo/GetPluginAliasInfo. In all cases they report the number of attempts made to match on the trigger/alias. (Effectively you could find the average match time by dividing the time taken by the number of attempts).

A trigger match attempt will be made per incoming line from the MUD, unless a previous trigger matched and did not have "keep evaluating" set. This count is different from the count of successful matches. Similar remarks apply to aliases, regarding lines you type.

[Commit 2387aa3]

11. Updated InfoBox.lua module, per supplied improved version from Willfa.

[Commit 25e0958]

12. Changed the way it handles:

SetAlphaOption ("script_editor_argument", "%file")

Previous versions quoted the supplied argument (where %file is the file name to edit). Now you have to quote it yourself. This lets you put some parts outside quotes, eg.

SetAlphaOption ("script_editor_argument", "/edit '%file'")

[Commit 1d8f377]

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