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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.52

Version 4.52

Released on 07 Jul 2010

1. Some improvements to the movewindow.lua module.

[Commit 9e32881326]

2. Changed wait.lua to no longer check if you are connected to a MUD.

[Commit 44a6c59f]

3. Improved "close" box in the configuration sub-window of the mapper.

[Commit 59760630]

4. Improvements to the mapper.lua module.

[Commits 7f40db22f, 2affd694, b43e669]

5. Changed movewindow.lua to allow for simultaneously moving "friend" windows (eg. a group of windows).

[Commit e3bebba]

6. Amended documentation to correct errors in Python examples where True and False were written as true and false. (True and False are correct).

7. Added selectors 290 to 293 to GetInfo. These show where the text rectangle actually is (regardless of whether or not TextRectangle has been called), and gives actual pixel offsets for the top, left, bottom, right corners of it, taking into account negative arguments that might have been supplied to TextRectangle.

[Commit a877faf]

8. Fixed bug where adding a temporary trigger, alias, or timer through the GUI dialog boxes would mark the world for saving where, in fact, it didn't need to be saved.

[Commit 835659d]

9. Added script function WindowGetImageAlpha. This lets you get at the alpha channel information in a PNG image. You could use this to create an alpha image which can then be used to merge parts of the original image (after modification to colours etc.) onto another image. Effectively, the alpha channel is turned into a gray-scale representation.

[Commit 934c9d7]

10. Added miniwin table of constants into the Lua script space.

See: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=10345

This lets you use symbolic names (like miniwin.brush_hatch_horizontal instead of 2).

[Commit 754a918]

11. Enabled tab-completion for miniwin table. Thus you can be scripting and type something like: miniwin.rect<shift+tab> and see what constants are available.

[Commit dcde8f5]

12. Fixed bug where, if a timer deleted another timer (ie. Timer A fires, which deletes Timer B) the client might crash.

[Commit 40eed91]

13. Added WindowScrollwheelHandler script function. This lets you detect mouse scroll-wheel movements if the mouse hovers over a miniwindow hotspot.

A side-effect of this (probably a good one) is that mouse-wheel movements over miniwindows (whether or not this function has been called, and whether or not over a hotspot) are now not sent to the main window.

[Commit 2341a4379], [Commit 673a568]

14. Fixed some minor coding problems.

[Commit 9d0a93b], [Commit e26eeb6]
[Commit 2341a43], [Commit cb3a144]

15. Fixed bug in the Multi-line trigger creation dialog handler, where you could make a multi-line trigger of only one line (which defeats the purpose somewhat).

[Commit 91ed375]

16. Added GetInfo (294) selector, which returns the status of the various modifier keys (like shift/control/alt/capslock) and the current status of the mouse buttons as a bitmask, as follows:

0x00001 - shift key down (left or right)
0x00002 - control key down (left or right)
0x00004 - Alt key down (left or right)

0x00008 - left shift key down
0x00010 - left control key down
0x00020 - left Alt key down

0x00040 - right shift key down
0x00080 - right control key down
0x00100 - right Alt key down

0x00200 - Caps Lock key down (right now)
0x00400 - Num Lock key down (right now)
0x00800 - Scroll Lock key down (right now)

0x02000 - Caps Lock key toggled (active)
0x04000 - Num Lock key toggled (active)
0x08000 - Scroll Lock key toggled (active)

0x10000 - Left mouse button down
0x20000 - Right mouse button down
0x40000 - Middle mouse button down

More than one of these can be active at once so you should use a bitwise "and"
operation to check each bit (eg. bit.band in Lua).

[Commit 673a568]


Thanks to Twisol from the MUSHclient forum for checking the MUSHclient source code and suggesting various bug fixes and improvements.

17. Added ability to add nested menus to WindowMenu.

You introduce a nested menu with ">" and end it with "<". (These can be further nested).


Item = "Take | Drop | >Eat | With Fork | With Hands | < | >Emote | Smile | Laugh "

[Commit ed6dead]

18. Fixed bug where copying to the clipboard might fail.

[Commit 482db3b3], [Commit a7df93e6]

19. Upgraded libpng (PNG library) from 1.4.0 to 1.4.3.

This fixes some possible security issues with PNG images which are designed to compromise your computer's security.

20. Upgraded SQLite3 library from 3.6.22 to 3.6.23_1.

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