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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.50

Version 4.50

Released on 27 Feb 2010

1. Moved slightly the code which displays the statistics when a connection is closed, to be executed *before* the dialog box "The <name> server has closed the connection".

That way, the count of timers fired should be accurate, even if you take an hour to dismiss the dialog box, and some timers are firing when disconnected.

[commit b3d6361]

2. Unlabelled triggers, timers and aliases now send their "internal" label to script functions when they fire as the "name" parameter (first argument).
This is so that you can find out details, such as when they fired, even if you did not explicitly label them in the GUI.

[commit 2919843]

3. Added gauge.lua module to the lua directory. This simplifies drawing 3D-style gauge bars (like health, experience, mana).

[commit b3c0a93]

4. Fixed up source so that #include directives referred to relative paths, rather than having to have the source directory included as a default include path. [commit d200f54]

Also removed unnecessary #include directives. [commit 0fed3f4]

5. Some source changes to allow compilation under Visual Studio 2005, as kindly submitted by Twisol. [commit af4a3ef4] / [commit 501967e]

6. Improved the message you get on world disconnect to look like this:

--- Received 147 lines, sent 11 lines.
--- Output buffer has 444/50000 lines in it (0.9% full).
--- Matched 7 triggers, 1 alias, and 4 timers fired.

[commit 36b5e23]

7. Fixed bug in WindowBlendImage mode 4 (dissolve). This mode is supposed to randomly choose pixels from the base or blended image, but it used to randomly choose the R, G and B colour separately, giving a strange coloured effect.

[commit a3b5ac6]

8. Fixed some compiler warnings, as kindly submitted by Twisol.

[commit a2a7b111]

9. Added new plugin callback OnPlugin_IAC_GA.

This is called when IAC GA (or IAC EOR) arrives from the MUD. A plugin might use that to know that the server is expecting client input right now. eg.

function OnPlugin_IAC_GA ()
-- process recent telnet negotiations here
end -- function

[commit a586ed2]

10. Fixed bug where plugin "date installed" was never set up and thus GetPluginInfo (22) would return incorrect results.

[commit 0003ba7]

11. Fixed bug in colors.lua file where a luminance of 1 became RGB 256 and not 255 as it should. [commit ff39f81]

12. Added selector 289 to GetInfo.

This returns the last line number that had an IAC/GA or IAC/EOR in it. This could be used to check if a prompt line was a "genuine" prompt, as MUDs that use IAC/GA tend to put that sequence at the end of a prompt line.

For example (in a trigger):

if GetLineCount () == GetInfo (289) then
-- genuine prompt here
end -- if

[commit 006ac57]

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