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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.49

Version 4.49

Released on 09 Feb 2010

1. Double-clicking an empty place in the Functions List dialog no longer closes the dialog.

2. When opening the Functions List dialog, if no filter is present (that is, if you haven't selected a word before opening it), the focus is moved to the Filter edit box.

3. In the plugin callback OnPluginTelnetRequest, if you agree to handle a protocol, then OnPluginTelnetRequest is called a second time.

If you initially got "DO" and reply true, then it is called back with "SENT_WILL".

If you initially got "WILL" and reply true, then it is called back with "SENT_DO".

This is to let you do any initial negotiation with the server (eg. logging on) directly after agreeing to the protocol.

The OnPluginTelnetRequest function should return true to indicate it handled the message, or false if it did not. Once OnPluginTelnetRequest returns true in one plugin, no further plugins are checked. This is to stop multiple plugins logging in, as presumably a single login is all that is required.

4. The code for handling WILL and WONT telnet negotiation now checks for a negotiation loop. Once a particular protocol has been accepted or rejected, further identical queries about that protocol are ignored.

5. Fixed bug where it never turned on MCCP v2.

6. Upgraded SQLite3 from 3.6.21 to 3.6.22.

7. Enabled FTS3 Extension in SQLite3. For details about FTS3 see:


In brief, FTS3 lets you do full-text searches very quickly, similar to what Google and Yahoo do when searching large documents for single words. You can use the "MATCH" operator to quickly find a word, or combination of words, as in the example below:

SELECT docid FROM docs WHERE docs MATCH 'sqlite AND database OR library';

8. Fixed bug where the number of trigger matches reported would be incorrect if the trigger matched but the colour didn't. In other words, GetInfo (245) would report a different figure than the one you would get if you added up the matched count for individual triggers.

9. Fixed bug where, if you put the cursor over a function name which is more than 19 characters long (eg. world.WindowDrawImage) and bring up "function name help" the word is truncated. Now the limit has been increased.

10. Upgraded PCRE library from 8.00 to 8.01 (bug fix release).

11. Upgraded PNG library from 1.2.41 to 1.4.0.

12. Modified "welcome" message you see when connecting to a new world to add:

* compilation date of MUSHclient
* library versions for libraries such as PCRE, PNG etc.

This way you can quickly see which libraries this executable is associated with.

For example:

Welcome to MUSHclient version 4.49!
Written by Nick Gammon.

Compiled: Feb 9 2010.
Using: Lua 5.1.1, PCRE 8.01, PNG 1.4.0, SQLite3 3.6.22, Zlib 1.2.3

13. Fixed bug where, if a plugin did not have a OnPluginTelnetRequest callback, it would be assumed to have one which returned true. This would tend to make MUSHclient respond positively to all telnet negotiations.

14. Added extra stats to be shown when you disconnect, so you can see at a glance the overall impact this session had. For example:

Received 200 lines, sent 14 lines.
Output buffer has 332 lines in it (you have allocated room for 50000 lines).
Matched 12 triggers, 6 aliases, and 7 timers fired.

15. Added GetInfo selectors for some of the new stats mentioned above:

286: Triggers matched this session
287: Aliases matched this session
288: Timers fired this session

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