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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.46

Version 4.46

Released on 22 Jan 2010

1. You may now use WindowAddHotspot and WindowDragHandler outside plugins. Any function names you use must exist at the time you call WindowAddHotspot or WindowDragHandler.

2. WindowCreate now returns two error messages:

eNoNameSpecified - a zero-length string was supplied as the window name

eBadParameter - the width or height of the window may not be negative

3. Amended wait.lua to allow for passing extra flags to the match or regexp function. This lets you do things like omit the matched lines from output, or set the "keep evaluating" flag.


wait.match ("You are carrying:", 10, trigger_flag.OmitFromOutput)

4. Calling TextRectangle now sends a NAWS notification if you have "notify about window size" turned on.

5. The NAWS notification now uses the reduced text rectangle size in calculating the window height, if TextRectangle is in effect.

6. Added selector 22 to GetPluginInfo. This returns the date/time the plugin was last installed.


/print (os.date ("%c", GetPluginInfo ("03ca99c4e98d2a3e6d655c7d", 22)))

--> 4/01/2010 7:32:18 AM

This could be used to detect, amongst other things, whether the plugin has been reinstalled while another plugin was using it. If the date/time changes from a stored date/time for the same plugin, then the plugin was reinstalled.

7. Fixed a bug in NotepadReadOnly where it would not work with empty notepad documents.

8. Fixed a bug where GetInfo (54) and GetInfo (67) would not return the world's document path during initial world serialization (ie. when the world document is being loaded). This affected plugins which, when loaded at world startup time, could not work out the path that the world file was in.

9. Added selector 21 to WindowInfo. This returns the date/time the miniwindow was last installed.

10. Fixed bug where WindowGradient was not included in the internal list of functions, and thus you could not tab-complete it or get help on it using Shift+Ctrl+Alt+L.

11. Modified behaviour of miniwindows, so that if you have received a mouse-over callback, and the mouse is moved outside the output window client area, instead of no notification (as previously) you now get a cancel-mouse-over reporting location (-1, -1). This is not available if running under Windows 95.

12. Undid change #2 added in version 4.44 ("Changed the processing of a MUD disconnection message ...") as that caused MUSHclient to go into a loop when running under Wine.

13. The plugin script OnPluginListChanged is now also called when a plugin is enabled. (It was called anyway in version 4.45 is a plugin was *disabled*).

This lets plugins see if an important plugin (one they depend on) has become available (enabled) or unavailable (disabled).

14. Removed statusbar.exe from the installation, as the same sort of thing can be achieved, more efficiently, with miniwindows.

15. Source modified somewhat to make it easier to use with Git. Source now uploaded to GitHub as part of the release process.

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