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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.43

Version 4.43

Released on 09 Aug 2009

1. Fixed a bug where triggers that matched on colours would sometimes match on incorrect colours.

See: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=9601

2. Fixed a bug where the Display menu -> Text Attributes option would not be available if the focus was in the command window. Now, if text is selected in the output window, that option is always available.

3. Changed installer to offer to launch MUSHclient after installation.

4. Changed installer to not offer to show you the readme file (it usually isn't *that* interesting).

5. Changed installer to make the MUSHclient installer make the MUSHclient shortcut (installed in the Start menu) use the installation directory as the working directory (usually \Program Files\MUSHclient), not the Start menu directory. This is more logical, because this is where MUSHclient expects to find things like the names.txt file, plugins, and so on.

6. When MUSHclient is first installed, it will try to make the default fixed-pitch font one that actually exists on the user's system. In particular, under Linux this should result in a font other than FixedSys being chosen (FixedSys doesn't exist under Linux, and thus the output window didn't look too good).

7. Added the Dina font to the MUSHclient distribution. This font is supplied courtesy of Jørgen Ibsen, see:


This is in the font file Dina.fon in the MUSHclient installation directory. You can add this to your Windows font collection if you want, or you can load it into a MUSHclient session by doing this in a script:

AddFont (GetInfo (66) .. "\\Dina.fon") -- load Dina font from MUSHclient installation directory.

The syntax will vary slightly for different script languages, the above was for Lua.

8. Added the plugin Current_Output_Window to the installer. This lets you see what is arriving from the MUD now, while you scroll back and review earlier output. This improved version of Current_Output_Window lets you drag it around the window to where you want, and uses the Dina font.

9. Removed the Copy_Output plugin from the installer. This is not required now that copying from the output window works better.

10. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would crash if an attempt was made to turn MCCP on more than once (ie. turning it on whilst already decompressing).

11. Fixed bug where Edit menu -> "Copy as HTML" only worked if the focus was in the output window.

12. Removed the "Line information:" line from the tooltips that appeared when you mouse-over the output window. It looked cute, but was distracting.

13. Fixed bug in the Chat system where only one person could snoop you at once. Now, any number of players can snoop you.

14. Fixed bug where various settings about your world (eg. the position on the screen) would cause an SQL error if the name of the world had a quote sign in it. (eg. "Nick's world").

An example error message is:

SQL error on statement: "SELECT value FROM worlds WHERE name = 'Nick's world World Position:wp.showCmd'" near "s": syntax error

15. Modified slightly the way that full-screen mode works, in the hope of fixing a problem where, under Vista, full-screen mode had the edges of the window missing.

16. Changed the way SQL errors in the global preferences are reported. They are no longer shown in a dialog box, but written to a notepad window. This way, if a heap of errors occur when loading a world (or saving it), you don't have to close dozens of dialog boxes. Also it is easier to copy and paste the error messages when reporting them on the forum.

17. Fixed bug where MUSHclient might crash when copying preferences from Registry to SQLite database.

18. Fixed bug where MUSHclient would not recognize FixedSys as being available on your system and substitute some other font (it was looking for "FixedSys" but got "Fixedsys").

19. Enabled the soundex function in the SQLite interface. Thus you can now find out the soundex equivalents of words. eg.

SELECT soundex('nick') -- returns N200

20. The trigger style runs returned as the fourth argument to Lua trigger functions now reflect colour changes made by other triggers. So, for example, if a lower-sequence trigger changed a word from blue to red, then the trigger style runs now reflects this. Previously the trigger style runs were the styles of the unmodified triggers.

21. Upgraded the SQLite database engine from 3.6.10 to 3.6.16.

This fixes a few bugs, and adds some performance improvements. See below for details:


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