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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.41

Version 4.41

Released on 23 Jun 2009

1. Altered shift+tab-completion to now recognize the Lua libraries lpeg and sqlite3.

2. Added documentation for lpeg into the help file.

3. Added documentation for sqlite3 into the help file.

4. Changed sqlite3 Lua interface to correctly return a string from the function last_insert_rowid when necessary, by printing with %I64d rather than %ll.

5. Upgraded PNG graphics library from 1.2.31 to 1.2.35.

6. Added new selector to GetInfo. Selector 118 returns whether or not internal (world) variables have been changed by SetVariable.

7. Fixed bug in DatabaseOpen where it might return -6 incorrectly.

8. Added new command-line option: /noregister

If present, MUSHclient does not register its file types with the Windows Shell. Thus .mcl files (and the other extensions it uses) cannot be double-clicked on to open MUSHclient. You would need to open MUSHclient first and then open those files.

This is intended for people who carry MUSHclient on USB drives, and wish to run it on guest PCs without leaving file associations behind in the Registry.

9. Added new script function FlashIcon.

This flashes the taskbar icon, so you can make "interesting" input from the MUD flash the icon.

10. Improved tooltip support:

* The number of characters which can be displayed has increased from 79 to 999.

* The tooltips are now shown in a cute "balloon" shape.

* You can specify a tooltip "title" which is in bold on a separate line, along with an information icon, by separating the tooltip title from the rest of the tooltip by the tab character (0x09) (miniwindow hotspots only).

* Tooltips for lines in the output window now have the title "Line information".

11. Fixed bug in DeleteLines where sometimes after deleting lines, an extra line would be added after the deleted line.

12. Fixed bug where, if you were in a locale that used a comma as a decimal point, XML files (eg. timers) would not load correctly.

13. Fixed a bug where, if you had a regular expression in a trigger that happened to match an empty string (and matching on empty strings was enabled), and you attempted to colour the matched string a different colour, and "repeat on same line" was checked, MUSHclient would go into an infinite loop (moving forwards zero bytes and re-matching). Now, if the matched string is zero bytes long, it doesn't attempt to colour it.

14. Added new script function WindowHotspotTooltip. This lets you change the tooltip text for a miniwindow hotspot.

15. Made the error message more useful, if MUSHclient cannot open the preferences database (shows the path to the database).

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