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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.40

Version 4.40

Released on 23 Feb 2009

1. Changed the SetCommandSelection script function so that if the selected area is not visible, it is now scrolled into view.

2. Added new script function WindowDragHandler - this lets you handle mouse movements (dragging) after a mouse click.

See: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=9254

3. Added new script function SetCursor - this lets you change the mouse pointer shape during a mouse drag operation.

4. Added new selectors to WindowInfo and WindowHotspotInfo to support mouse dragging.

5. Fixed problem where OnPluginCommandChanged plugin callback was not called under certain circumstances (where MUSHclient itself changed the command window).

6. Added lpeg 0.9 into the Lua script space.

For documentation on lpeg, see: http://www.inf.puc-rio.br/~roberto/lpeg/lpeg.html

Also see my forum thread: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/bbshowpost.php?id=8683

That thread is a bit old, lpeg has changed a bit since then.

As this is only the 0.9 release, it may not be totally stable. However it could be fun to play with lpeg a bit.

7. Added file re.lua into the lua directory. This uses lpeg. Added lpeg documention into the docs directory: lpeg.html and re.html.

8. Fixed bug in the updated spellchecker released in version 4.39. The way words were added to the database, the second metaphone match (which would quite often not occur) was not stored. Thus lookups for similar sounding words was not as comprehensive as it might have been. MUSHclient will rebuild the database automatically if it detects you are using the older version.

9. Migrated global preferences from the Windows Registry to an SQLite database. See this forum post for more details:


10. Added SQLite support for normal scripting (Lua plus other languages that use the "world" script space).

For more details see:


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