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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.39

Version 4.39

Released on 18 Feb 2009

1. Fixed bug where if you have paused the output window, the output windows are maximized, the world output window is not active, and output arrives from the MUD, that the output window is un-paused.

2. The spell checker has been reworked to use a SQLite database. The first time MUSHclient is run with spell checking enabled, it will convert the existing flat files into a database. Afterwards it will use the database immediately. This somewhat reduces the loading time of the spellchecker from a couple of seconds to practically nothing.

The changes are discussed here:


3. Spell checking is now enabled by default in global preferences.

4. Fixed bug where any Lua script function that returned a table (eg. AcceleratorList, GetAliasList, GetAlphaOptionList, GetChatList, GetWorldIdList, GetWorldList etc.) would leak memory.

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