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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.38

Version 4.38

Released on 14 Feb 2009

1. Fixed a bug in displaying miniwindows where if you used mode 9 (centre left-right on the bottom) it did not take into account the width of any window using mode 10 (bottom left corner).

2. Fixed bug where if you used TextRectangle, hyperlinks "mouse-over hints" would not work if they were closer to the end of the line than the left-hand side of the text rectangle.

3. Fixed bug where if a trigger used "Copy Wildcard (1-10) to the Clipboard), and the trigger text matched, but the colour did NOT match, the matching wildcard was still copied to the clipboard.

4. Changed WindowLine so that the x2, y2, parameters no longer take a 0 or negative offset as being relative to the bottom or right hand side. That way you can draw a line to/along the top or left edge without it going to the bottom or right edge.

5. Changed processing of MXP entities to allow entity &#10; (newline). This lets you put a line break into a hint for a <send> tag. See: http://mushclient.com/forum/?id=9020

6. Added documentation about utils.fontpicker to the help file.

7. Amended WindowPosition function to automatically force a redraw of the output window. Previously the window position was updated, but if you did not call Redraw yourself you would not see the change.

8. Added new plugin callback OnPluginTick. This is called 25 times a second (every 40 milliseconds).

It is intended as a simple way of doing things that need to be done smoothly and more rapidly than timers allow (timer granularity is set to a minimum of 1/10 of a second). For example, when using the sound functions such as PlaySound, you could smoothly fade music up or down using this callback.

Also you might use it to implement scrolling text (eg. a miniwindow that says "Critical Hit!") which smoothly scrolls up the screen and disappears.

9. Added new colour name to the various places that recognize them (such as the colour picker, and colour conversion functions). This new name is "lightgray" which is the same colour as "lightgrey" (0xd3d3d3). This is to be consistent with the way other "gray" colours (such as darkgray, darkslategray, dimgray, gray, lightslategray, slategray) are spelt. For backwards compatibility "lightgrey" is still recognized.

10. Fixed bug where if you had a non-empty text rectangle (using the TextRectangle function), and drew miniwindows *underneath* the text, they would be clipped to the text rectangle. In other words, you were unable to have miniwindows outside the text. This doesn't seem a helpful restriction, so it has been removed.

11. When opening Python script files, the extension ".py" is now supported, as well as ".pys".

12. Added inbuilt support for Sqlite. See their homepage for more information about Sqlite:


From their homepage: "SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain."

The interface to scripting is only available under Lua scripting. It uses the LuaSQLite 3 library, described as "a Lua 5.1 wrapper for the SQLite3".

Documentation for the Lua Sqlite3 interface is here:


For more information, and examples, see:


13. Fixed a problem with drawing the gripper on a toolbar, if you are using Windows XP with a "manifest" file to improve the GUI look-and-feel, as described here:


Also fixed problem with drawing the tabs (if you have enabled Window Tabs in Global Preferences) where, with a manifest file, there would be a line a couple of pixels deep which was not drawn properly.

14. Added better documentation for SetTriggerOption, SetAliasOption, SetTimerOption, in the help file, to describe what the option names are.

15. Added plugin callback OnPluginCommandChanged - this is called when the contents of the command window changes.

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