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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.37

Version 4.37

Released on 18 Sep 2008

1. Changed serialize.lua to remove an assertion that was not required, and to remove "true" and "false" from the reserved words table, as there is a separate check for booleans. See:


2. Fixed a bug in WindowFont where it returned -1 if the window did not exist, instead of eNoSuchWindow.

3. Added new script function WindowDelete - this deletes an existing miniwindow.

4. Added new GetInfo selector 282 - the colour of the TextRectangle border.

5. Added new script function WindowMenu - this lets you show a popup menu in a miniwindow.

6. Added new selectors to WindowInfo which return the position the mouse was last at when it was mouse-down, mouse-up, and moved.

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