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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.36

Version 4.36

Released on 29 Aug 2008

1. Fixed bug in WindowHotspotInfo where it would return nil for all hotspots.

2. Fixed bug in automapper where if you had a special map entry (added with AddToMapper) like "enter/west" and then went west, the entry would not be removed "by the remove backtracks code" but rather another "west" entry would be added.

3. Fixed bug in WindowDrawImage where if you specified a source rectangle width and height it did not work correctly (it was using them as right and bottom, not width and height).

4. Fixed bug in WindowFilter where very small rectangles (less than 3 wide or 3 high) were not being processed.

5. Added new mode (3) to WindowGradient - this lets you make a sort of texture pattern, using a simple XOR function to generate interesting patterns.

6. Added new function WindowSetPixel - this lets you set individual pixel colours in a miniwindow.

7. Added new function WindowGetPixel - this lets you query the colour of an individual pixel in a miniwindow.

8. Added new brightness options to WindowFilter (21 to 24) - "multiply" rather than add. In other words, pixels are made brighter by multiplying the Option amount rather than adding it. This will have a different effect. For example, black will remain black (as multiplying zero by anything is still zero).

9. Fixed bug where if DeleteOutput was called from a script before the output window had been created (eg. in a plugin, early) then MUSHclient would crash.

10. Fixed bug where if DirectSound could not be opened, MUSHclient would crash.

11. Added two more blur modes (25, 26) to WindowFilter which provide lesser amounts of blurring than mode 3.

12. Added new mode (27) to WindowFilter - this calculates the average colour of all the pixels in the selected area.

13. Added new script function WindowWrite - this lets you save the contents of a miniwindow to disk as a BMP or PNG file.

14. Fixed bug where if you used TextRectangle, hyperlinks would not work if they were closer to the end of the line than the left-hand side of the text rectangle. In other words, the test for matching was on where the text would have been, had it not been offset to the right.

15. Added new script function FilterPixel - this does largely the same thing as WindowFilter, except it operates on a single pixel (that is, a single RGB colour, which you specify). This does the same operations (with the same codes as for WindowFilter) excepting the ones which require more than one pixel (like Blur, Sharpen, Find Edges, and Emboss).

For example, you could take a single colour (like 0x445566) and increase its brightness.

16. Added new script function BlendPixel - this does the same thing as WindowBlendImage, except it operates on a single pixel (that is, a single RGB colour for the blend colour, and a single RGB colour for the base colour). This does the same thing, to a single pixel, as WindowBlendImage (with the same codes). This is intended for situations where you need to work on individual colours - either in a miniwindow image, or generally, to do things like merge them together in various ways.

17. The function WindowLoadImage will now accept PNG files as well as BMP files. This hasn't been extensively tested, however it is implemented with libpng, the standard for reading PNG files.

18. Added new selectors to GetInfo (280, 281) to find the output window height and width.

19. Added new selectors to GetInfo (80, 81) to find the PNG library version number and build date.

20. Upgraded the Lua DLL to 5.1.4 - the latest released version (as at 22nd August 2008). This fixes some extremely obscure bugs in Lua - most users won't notice the difference. More details are at:


21. Fixed bug where, after calling the TextRectangle script function, the scroll bars in the output window would be incorrect, until text arrived from the MUD (or a Note was done).

22. Fixed bug where, if you had a non-empty TextRectangle and did a Find, and the found text was on the same screen (ie. it didn't have to scroll) it would not be highlighted.

23. Fixed bug where if you set a bookmark, cleared the selection, and then went to that bookmark, and it was on the same screen (ie. it didn't have to scroll) it would not be highlighted.

24. Fixed bug where if you set a pixel offset in the output window configuration (eg. 5) and then scrolled upwards, too many lines would be drawn, so you would see part of the next line (chopped off) at the bottom of the window.

25. Added new plugin callback: OnPluginWorldOutputResized - this is called when the output window is resized. This lets you recalculate various things, like the positions of miniwindows, or whether they are activated or not.

26. The functions SetForegroundImage and SetBackgroundImage now will load PNG files as well as BMP files, based on the file name. If the file name does not end in .BMP or .PNG the error eBadParameter is returned.

27. Added documentation for SetBackgroundColour, SetBackgroundImage, SetForegroundImage functions to the help file, which was accidentally omitted from the earlier version where those functions were introduced.

28. Changed the way the auto command window resizing works, so that if you paste a large amount of text into the command window, it resizes itself to the maximum number of lines you specified, instead of doing nothing.

29. Added new script function WindowMergeImageAlpha - this lets you merge an image into a miniwindow based on an alpha mask - the mask governs the opacity of each individual pixel during the merge, thus it is easy to blend in an image with a fuzzy border, rather than having to have a sharp edge.

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