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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.35

Version 4.35

Released on 06 Aug 2008

1. Fixed bug in the way miniwindows with "display at absolute position" worked - they were not displaying correctly.

2. Made a whole heap of improvements to miniwindows, as foreshadowed here:


Some are described below.

3. Added blending for miniwindow images with the WindowBlendImage script command:


4. Added the ability to display MUD text in a smaller rectangle, leaving space on the side for miniwindows, like status bars.

5. Added filtering effects for miniwindows, with the WindowFilter script command:


Effects include blur, sharpening, noise, adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, and more.

6. Added the ability to turn a miniwindow into an image, with the WindowImageFromWindow script command:


7. Added the ability to draw gradients, see:


8. Added Repaint script function, which forces the world window to be redrawn immediately. Compare to Redraw which schedules a redraw but does not do it until the appropriate time in the event loop.

Repaint should not normally be used as it take up time, Redraw is better as it allows multiple plugins to request a repaint, which is only done once.

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