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Release notes for MUSHclient version 4.32

Version 4.32

Released on 08 Jul 2008

1. Plugins list now shows the version number of each plugin in the right-hand column

2. Fixed bug where MUSHclient might crash if a script did a SendPkt when the world was not connected.

3. Added new script function AddFont. This lets you add a private font to the MUSHclient world which persists for the current session. The intention here is to let you set up special fonts for mapping or similar purposes, which you do not necessarily want to install into Windows. This is only available under Windows 2000 onwards, see below for how you can check this.

4. Added some extra selectors to GetInfo. One lets you see the current private font pathname, if any, and the others let you see the current Windows version (some options are not available in some versions).

76 - Special font pathname, if any.

77 - Windows version debug string (eg. "Service Pack 2")

265 - Windows major version (5)
266 - Windows minor version (1)
267 - Windows build number (2600)
268 - Windows platform ID (2)

My current values (Windows XP) are shown in brackets.

As a guide, it appears you can deduce the operating system as follows:

If platform ID equal 0 (Win32s) then:
you should not get this, MUSHclient doesn't run under Win32s

If platform ID equals 1 (Windows 95-style versions) then:

If major = 4 and minor = 0 then: Windows 95
If major = 4 and minor = 10 then: Windows 98 (or 98SE)
If major = 4 and minor = 90 then: Windows ME

If platform ID equals 2 (Windows NT versions) then:

If major = 3 then: Windows NT 3.51
If major = 4 then: Windows NT 4
If major = 5 and minor = 0 then: Windows 2000
If major = 5 and minor = 1 then: Windows XP
If major = 5 and minor = 2 then: Windows Server 2003
If major = 6 and minor = 0 then: Windows Vista, or Windows Server Longhorn

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